The Hermit

On the highest of mountains it was said dwelled a wise sage. It was also said that his youth reached back into the most ancient of days. Occasionally his advice was sought Priests, Prophets, and Kings. It took a great reserve of strength and heart to complete the journey and climb the mountain, but it took even more to announce one’s start and actually start to climb. That detoured all those of unworth from seeking the Sage’s wisdom; but sometimes commoners made the journey. And in doing so, they unmade their commonness.

One particular young man set out up the Great Mountain. He quietly announced his quest. He had no perilous questions of the realm that needed answer. He had no great questions of the future or past. He was looking for his own destiny.

After having approached the Mountain without incident and making his first few days of climbing, the youth wondered what to ask so that the Sage would not see him as he was; rather, as he would be. No answer came to him. So the youth figured that is the attitude he should take. Be silent and be himself.

On and on he traveled. Upward and upward he climbed. And on and on the days passed and he went higher and higher with each slow step.

(To be continued)

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