Dreams – 5) Snakes

I was walking by a forest in some grasslands. And all of a sudden I noticed the grass moved. I looked again and it was a snake. And there wasn’t just one. There were several. The more I looked, the more I saw. And I heard the hissing and the rattling of tails. And several of the closer ones were moving back so as to build up for the lunge…

The nightmare ended as I woke up. I was in a sweat and shaken up. I wasn’t taking karate anymore; it had been a while since I had trained. Donna had left to go back home to Albuquerque. And the nightmare was reoccurring.

After a week of this I was a little upset.

Two pieces of childhood came back to me.

When my brother and I played with toy cars, we each had our own. One set we had split was called: Snake and Mongoose. They were these two funny car theme racers. My brother had the red Mongoose car and I took yellow Snake.

One of the Rudyard Kipling stories in

    The Jungle Book

is of a Mongoose that kept the house and garden safe for his adopted people. I needed him in a big way.

The next time the dream started:

I was in the grasslands. Quickly I was surrounded by snakes. They didn’t bother sneaking up on me. And I heard the roar of hissing and the din of rattles. It was all very loud, and I was very scared.

As the closer snakes started to read back to strike, I imagined myself into a little mongoose the size of squirrel. Smaller target. Razor sharp claws. Mouth and teeth were a guillotine.

There was silence for a moment as the snakes considered their next move. This was new.

One rattle twitched. Then it sounded again. Then two rattled. Another and another took up the chorus. And those that had no rattles, rose up and spread their hoods. And the hissing started to drown out the rattling. I was no longer scared, my adrenaline was high, and I felt like killing. I was ready.

And then existence blurred into a lot of high-speed movement.

I suppose I could have gone the other way. Turning into a snake I would have fit right in and could have slithered away. but I wanted to make my grounds safe.

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