Cir – Part 2

There lived a Fliar named Cir. He was of great strength because he had been raised among the strongest and swiftest Fliars. His friend, Gem, ought to have died at least a dozen times, but Cir kept rescuing her.

One day Cir was on a long journey accompanied by Gem. After a couple hours of flight, she needed much rest. Eventually she blacked out, and went into a steep dive… Splash, right into the slime. A Bottemar was not in the area. Cir had to dive in after her. He saved her; and in the fashion of a Bottemar, he brought her to the surface. She slept soundly. In order to keep her safe, Cir had to stand in the slime. The slime was very deep, and being over Cir’s head, he had to hold his breath.

Cir could not cry out for help, because Gem would go sinking into the slime as he came to the surface. To anyone passing, he looked just like an ordinary Bottemar; his wings had already started to turn green. He held his breath for an hour.

Fear filled Cir’s mind. He wondered, “What will happen if I take a breath int he slime? Where is a Bottemar when you need one? Wake up Gem!” Cir exhaled slowly; he inhaled very slowly. He convulsed but was able to hold Gem above the slime. The slime was crystallizing on his feathers which hurt him very much.

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