Cir – Part 1

God did not see any reason in making the world in one moment. He drew out his work over the course of a week. In the time between His making the Earth and separating the land from the water, there existed a race similar to man. And in that moment, this race flourished and extinguished itself on the world of their birth. Their world was a massive lump of clay under ten feet of green slime: a large, never-ending, swampy ditch.

The creatures were similar to us except that the members of this race had wings or fins; this factor distinguished the two classes. Those lived in the slime were called Bottemars as they breathed, slept, worked, and died in the ditch. They were ugly, scaly, and smelly from the barnacles and algae all over their bodies. The other race, the Fliars breather air and their appendages had feathers.

Since there was no land, the Fliars had to sleep on the fins of the Bottemars. this was the raisin d’etre for the Bottomars. It was the purpose of the Fliars to have pleasure through flight. The penalty for a Fliar’s growing too malicious was to inhale the slime.

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