Bittersweet Chocolate

These poems and short stories were written from approximately 1979 to 1991.

0) The Fool
1) The Caterpillar
4) Evolutions
13) Major Enchantment
27) The Magician
37) The Hermit
39) Indian Summer
45) Some Loves
52) Green Tree Man
56) Cir – Part 1
56) Cir – Part 2
56) Cir – Part 3
56) Cir – Part 4
56) Cir – Part 5
56) Cir – Part 6
59) Spilt Milk
65) Short Sketch
70) Eye of the Hurricane
72) Eclipse of Love
74) Sister Arachnid
76) At A Bar
78) Rx for Thoughts of Suicide
80) Sun and Star
84.1) Dreams – Fighting
84.2) Dreams – Falling
84.3) Dreams – Lovers
84.5) Dreams – Snakes
91) The Perfect Future Present Tense
105) Text Book Example

Thanks to all who inspired and commented on these pieces. Also a special thanks to Kim for editorial and creative suggestions. Her help made many of the following pieces much more clear, concise, and interesting.

If one piece resonates for you, that’s not too bad for being in a universe full of so much emptiness.

I’ve gotten feedback some of my stuff is very bittersweet.

And chocolate is a very interesting substance. On a subway train in Chicago I once found a crumpled newspaper – not a rare occurence on an “L”. One article described some scientist’s belief that the digestion of chocolate triggers a psycho-chemical effect similar to being in love.


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