Snacks For The Show

Back in the fall of 1980, the high school I’d transferred to for Senior year booked a big name show for the gym. It was a BeatlesMagic. How this was arranged at a Catholic High School is beyond me.

And I’m not sure what my thinking was but I had made and brought a big bag of box brownies to the show. No added “special seasonings”. Just regular brownies because I thought I might get hungry. At that point I had not been to too many concerts in my life.

The gym was packed. I was still new to the school and did not know any of the people around me.
Lots of them I had never seen before.
I think there were people from all over the county who had decided that that night, the PJ gym was the coolest place to be.

During the show the people behind me notice me take a brownie from the bag and eat it.

And one of the guys asks, “Are those hash brownies?”

I pause for a moment to think of what do I say…

Without cracking a smile I lie and say, “Yes.”
Another pause.

I add, “Would you like some?”

The contents of that bag disappeared in the blink of an eye.

And I went back to paying attention to the show.
I had a hunch that it was going to be a great year.

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