Old Flame

Blue: Look, I think this particular line of research will work.

Green: There’s a lot of cost associated with even trying the idea.

Blue: Compared to conventional R&D it’s not even a drop in the bucket.

Green: Even if you get congressional approval, it still seems the same as trying to direct human behavior off a random effect psychedelic.

Blue: Are you sure this line is secure?

Green: Positive.

Blue: Just say I have a hunch about this one. And there are bound to be some civilian benefit applications.

Green: That’s always true. Even if it is job creation.

Blue: See.

Green: The only way to build trust is by earing it. Soldiers become jaded very quickly. It’s historical.

Blue: Look, I’m only looking for a quarter billion in funding.

Green: Oh. Is that all. Why didn’t you say so? No problem.

Blue: Thanks, and keep this between ourselves.

Green: Definately.

Blue: All your points are valid. This is a crap shoot. But I want to explore all the angles.

Green: Understood.

Blue: One day there will be a pill for making better BOG. This could be it.

Green: Right now that is a vitamin. Spend your quarter. You’ll see. It will be too hard to effective direct. Symptoms will be too varied based on the individual. There will be side effects.

Blue: Yes, yes, yes. The same old song. But we have to try. Gotta go.


Police: How long did you say your husband has been missing?

Resident: He was supposed to come home last night after working until 6. He stays late sometimes but not on a Friday.

Police: It’s quarter after 9 ma’am. After 48 hours you can file a missing persons claim. In the meantime check his cell phone location.

Resident: He never turns it on.

Police: Sounds like he does not want to be found. Were things OK at home?

Resident: Yes.

Police: Then he will be back. Probably just went out for drinks after work and is sleeping it off in the car.

Resident: He doesn’t drink.

Police: After you come in Monday and fill out the form, we can check the found auto database. If he’s doing what he is supposed to, he will come home. If not, he will turn up.

Resident: Isn’t there more you can do?

Police: Not until 48 hours have passed and you fill out the form.

Police: Hello? She’ll call back.



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