Love and Truth

Thirsty, hungry, and alone
walked into the twilight zone

The scene looked like any bar
but it became more by far

Sat beside two guy writing
with their craft they were fighting

Good poetry gently flows
ev-ry thing else only blows

Occupied with overworking it
since what they wrote flowed like sh…

Their dilemma weighed on me
my advice: “Drink heavily!”

The beer pitcher was quite low
for the refill I did go

On my quest to get more brew
ran across these cute girls two
who were discussing how to

Ignite a heart with desire
and be ready for the fire

There was something to be learned
watching that one with back turned

Start a mock passioned embrace
felt my heart start to race

She turned and looked me in the eye
while her friend went off to try

And I could only hope that
my best line would not fall flat
yet sure enough it went “Splat!”

Need a quick recovery?
Time to try the honesty

“Do I need a clever line to talk to you?”
“No.” (smile, bat, bat, bat)
“Good. Because at the moment I can only think of stupid ones.”

It was just a chance meeting
with a flirtatious greeting

Then I was gazing into
her eyes so spar-kling and true

Tenderly caressed her chin
wondered if she’d let me in

To her heart’s softer places
through finder tip cheek traces

With dancer’s grace all unplanned
ever softly kissed my hand

She felt my wild beating heart
the tempo gave her a start

Asked, “On what drugs are you wired?”
then said, “No words are required.”

Post looking at her deeply
and kissing very sweetly

Finally I was able
to bring beer to the table

And so those two guys got trashed
She seemed a little smashed

I was not too far behind and
two thoughts crossed through my mind

“O Good Lord, what have I done?”
“Relax, we’re all having fun!”

Her and I flirted all night
felt natural and right

Gave numbers and history
but there still is mystery…

Was it all some flukey goof?
Or possibly love and truth


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